Get to Know the Top 10 Google Ads Extensions

Are you looking to spice up your Google Ads game? Well, you’re in luck because Google Ads extensions may be just what you need. These little add-ons can make a big difference to the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, but knowing which ones suit your business model and will be best for your business goals takes a little bit of understanding.

Firstly, for those who don’t know, Google Ads extensions are additional pieces of information about your business that you can include in your Google ads on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Essentially they bolster your ads by giving you more real estate for extra information that highlights the appeal of your products and services. For this reason, Google Ad extensions are great for advertisers with lots to say about their brand but who find Google’s character limits to be restrictive.

In addition to providing more room for your ad copy, Google Ad extensions should significantly improve key performance metrics like impressions, CTR (click through rate) and even conversion rates. Simply put, by providing more value added information through Google Ads extensions, more people are likely to see and interact with your ads.

If you haven’t done the maths yet, here is what it looks like in simple terms:

More interaction = better click-through rate = higher conversion rate = bigger return on investment.

Google has reported that including extensions can boost CTR by up to 20%, which means more enquires and more money in your pocket.

Here’s a list of the top 8 Google Ads extensions you can implement right away:

Sitelink Extensions: These extensions allow you to include additional links in your ad that direct users to specific pages on your website. Think of them as mini road signs pointing users in the right direction. Use them wisely and watch your click-through rate soar.

Call Extensions: Want to make it easy for customers to call your business directly from your ad? Call extensions are the way to go. They allow users to call you directly from your ad with just one tap of your mobile phone – talk about convenience!

Location Extensions: If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, location extensions are a must-have. They display your address, phone number, and a map marker so potential customers can easily find you. These are great so you don’t have to rely on appearing in the Google local 3-pack to have your business visible for a search term. No more lost customers wandering around in circles.

Example of a Location Extensions in Google Ads

Review Extensions: If you have positive reviews from reputable sources, why not show them off? Review extensions allow you to showcase third-party reviews in your ad, which can help build trust with potential customers. We should note this is only worthwhile if you have a good amount of positive reviews; you don’t want any bad ones appearing.

Callout Extensions: Want to highlight specific features or benefits of your product or service? Callout extensions allow you to add extra text to your ad that emphasises what sets you apart from the competition. It adds some extra ‘click me’ sparkle to your ads.

Structured Snippet Extensions: For those of you who have specific product categories or services that you want to highlight, structured snippet extensions are a great option. They allow you to add additional details about your business that can help potential customers make informed decisions. If you want to highlight a list of products or services in your ad, this is the way to do it. 

Price Extensions: For products or services being sold directly from your site, price extensions can be a game-changer. They allow you to display the cost of your product or service directly in your ad, which in turn helps you attract customers who are ready to buy. 



Image Extensions: Want to make your ad stand out? Image extensions allow you to attach images to your ad, which can help grab the attention of potential customers. The key here is to make sure the images are high-quality and relevant to your business.

There you have it, folks; 8 Google Ads extensions that can help take your ad campaigns to the next level. Just remember to use them wisely and strategically. Google can show up to 4 Ad extensions at one time, but not always together. It’s important to make sure that they all work in unison regardless of which ones are showing at a given moment.  

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