80/20 Digital shares how to conduct a company photoshoot

Is your website or marketing collateral in need of some sprucing up? Then some fresh company photos could be the answer. But a company photoshoot isn’t just a matter of whipping out a camera and getting anyone to snap a few pics; it requires the same careful consideration and accurate coordination.

Nobody likes looking like a goofy potato or an overly stern, impersonal statue, so here are a few handy tips to make sure your company photoshoot captures your team and your business from its good side.

First and foremost, let’s talk about headshots. The key to a good headshot is to look confident and approachable. This means looking straight at the camera and smiling and avoiding a closed stance (so there should be absolutely no arms crossed, stern facial expressions or staring off into the distance!)

And, for the few who may need reminding, do NOT use a selfie or a cropped photo from your last family vacation as your headshot; it screams unprofessional. Headshots should be taken with a consistent and/or plain background and are best when taken from the waist up as opposed to just the shoulders. Also, avoid taking photos on a slant.

Group Photos
Now, let’s move on to team photos. This is where things can get a little tricky. Do you go for a casual and fun vibe or a more formal and serious one? Well, that all depends on your company culture but we recommend a mix of some more formal shots and some casual shots.

For example, if you work in a creative and laid-back environment, then go ahead and let your personality shine through. Wear bright colours, strike a silly pose, and make sure to include any office pets (or plants) that might be hanging around. If you work in a more traditional industry, like law or finance, then it’s best to keep it classy. Think neutral colours, a clean background, and a professional demeanour.

But team photos shouldn’t just be a picture of you all standing together like a happy family; you need action shots. Take some snaps of your staff working the office, having a coffee together or chatting with clients. These make the company appear more personable and are great content to have for your website and social media.

Here is a great team action shot from our client, Davidson Property Advocates:

Our client, Betta Fire Protection also utilises action shots across their site to highlight their team:

Company photographs can serve a variety of purposes, from websites and social media profiles to marketing materials and press releases. They’re a representation of your brand and your team, so it’s important to get them right.

And don’t be afraid to have some fun with them! You can use them to showcase your company culture, highlight your team’s expertise, or even just show off your latest office renovation. Company photos are ideal for website and social media banners, About Us pages and team profiles on your website as well as posts for your social media.

Here are some banner examples using company photos from our clients, Marc Cam Home Loans and the Godfrey Group:

Perhaps, the most important tip of all is finding the right photographer. Believe us when we say investing in a professional photographer can make or break your company’s photoshoot. And no, your colleague’s daughter who is an Instagram influencer with a fancy iPhone is not a professional photographer.

So, while a company photoshoot for your company might seem daunting, it’s time to stop putting it on the back burner and book one in. You should also do this annually or every couple of years to ensure your images are fresh and represent the current business; it might be a bit awkward if a customer walks into your shop looking for a manager that is 10 years younger on the website. Now, go out there and say “cheese!”

If you need help finding a good photographer or need some advice on your company photoshoot, get in touch with us today.

80/20 Digital's Content & SEO Specialist, Abbey Faulkner is dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and putting her creativity to good use for her clients. She combines her expertise in media and writing to boost rankings, improve brand awareness, increase engagement and generate leads across clients' websites, email marketing and social media.