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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Agency

Take your business to new heights with a fresh, curated and targeted social media strategy

Want to achieve higher engagement, drive sales, boost brand awareness and strengthen your position in the market? Then social media marketing is the answer.  Here at 80/20 Digital, our social media gurus ensure each social media post contributes to your overarching digital marketing strategy, resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the rest. 

Your social channels play an integral role in the customer journey, with each channel requiring content native to its platform. Each social platform has a different audience and different posting mechanisms, but the goal should be the same: growing brand awareness, relevance and reach.

Our social media marketing specialists can help establish an engaging, valuable and targeted online presence with a tailored social media strategy to understand your brand and business objectives, identify your target audience and develop relevant, exciting content. 

As a leading digital marketing consultancy and social media agency, we specialise in social media marketing across all channels including:

| Facebook | | Instagram | | LinkedIn | | Twitter | | Youtube |

Paid Social Media Advertising

Want to sell products or services, attract new customers and increase engagement? If you’re looking to generate more leads, increase sales and enhance brand awareness and profitability, then paid social media marketing is the perfect solution.

All of our social ads are strategically designed, highly targeted, flexible, measurable and can suit any budget. Our social media strategists will work with you closely to amplify your product or service offering so you see more enquiries, more sales and more profit.

Paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram are a great addition to any digital marketing strategy as it complements your Google PPC and allows you to capture website visitors through remarketing. If you want to reap the benefits of a holistic paid advertising strategy, paid social media marketing is essential.

Social media is here to stay, so get on the train before your business is left behind!

Before we begin creating a social media strategy, we conduct a thorough social media audit. This is where we assess the content you currently have on your social media profiles and take a deep dive into your business goals. This will help us gain a better understanding of what you’d like to achieve with social media marketing and get a clear direction for how to proceed. 

If you haven’t yet set up a business profile on social media yet or they’re incomplete, our social media specialists can set up your social media profiles and get them in tip-top shape.

Depending on your business goals and operations, we’ll tailor a plan that includes content relevant to your audience. From SEO-friendly blogs and video content to competitions, interactive stories and beautifully designed graphics, you can rest assured your social media profiles will have quality content that is aesthetically exciting with targeted copywriting. 

You may have heard the phrase ‘timing is everything’ and this certainly applies to social media marketing. We create a schedule that aligns with your users to ensure you get maximum engagement on your social media posts. By selecting the right days, intervals and times we can make sure you don’t miss out on valuable impressions, likes, comments, clicks and shares. 

Our team of social media experts can manage your accounts on your behalf and engage with your audience. We can monitor your social media inboxes, comments and tags to make sure you interact with customers and followers regularly. 

We track opportunities, mentions and conversations to monitor the reputation of your business, find out how people perceive your brand and see how we can leverage your social media marketing to maximise results. 

Organic Social Media Campaigns

If you haven’t set up a business profile on social media or simply don’t keep it up to date with regular posts and content, a great place to begin your social media marketing is with organic social media posts. This helps establish a strong social media presence while allowing you to position yourself as an expert and put your brand personality on show in ways your website can’t.


These days, the first thing many people do before purchasing a product or service is look up your brand’s website and social media. This provides a golden opportunity to demonstrate your business’ professionalism, innovation and unique selling proposition; don’t waste it! Content can include everything from blogs and shared content from relevant sources to posting inspirational quotes, images, updates, events and announcements.


With well-executed organic social media campaigns, you’ll be easier to find and more likely to build consumer, staff and investor relationships while tapping into new markets. Our social media specialists can help you tap into this valuable marketing resource and use organic social posts to engage your audience, generate better brand awareness and attract new interest from potential customers and staff. 

Start Your Social Media Marketing Journey Today!

Explore our social media marketing packages or contact the social media specialists at 80/20 Digital today to find out how our dedicated social media marketing services can transform your business. 

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