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Results-Driven Marketing

Results-Driven Marketing

Melbourne’s Leading

Social Media Marketing Agency

Take your business to new heights with a fresh, curated and targeted social media strategy.

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Generate Leads and Build Your Brand with 80/20’s
Social Media Marketing Services

Achieve Online Success With 80/20 Digital’s Social Media Marketing Services

Want to achieve higher engagement, drive sales, boost brand awareness and strengthen your position in the market? Then social media marketing is the answer.  Here at 80/20 Digital, our social media gurus ensure each social media post contributes to your overarching digital marketing strategy, resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the rest.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Want to sell products or services, attract new customers and increase engagement? If you’re looking to generate more leads, increase sales and enhance brand awareness and profitability, then paid social media advertising is the perfect solution.

All of our social ads are strategically designed, highly targeted, flexible, measurable and can suit any budget. Our social media strategists will work closely with you to amplify your product or service offering so you see more enquiries, more sales, and more profit.

Paid social ads on Facebook and LinkedIn are a great addition to any digital marketing strategy and can be used to complement your PPC and allow you to capture website visitors through remarketing. If you want to reap the rewards of a holistic paid advertising strategy, paid social media marketing is essential.

Organic Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t set up a business profile on social media or simply don’t keep it up to date with regular posts and content, a great place to begin your social media marketing is with organic social media posts.

These days, the first thing many people do before purchasing a product or service is look up your brand’s website and social media. This provides a golden opportunity to demonstrate your business’ professionalism, innovation and unique selling proposition; don’t waste it! Content can include everything from blogs and shared content from relevant sources to posting inspirational quotes, images, updates, events and announcements.

With a well-executed organic social media campaign, you’ll be easier to find online and more likely to build relationships while tapping into new markets. Our social media specialists can craft organic social posts to engage your audience, generate better brand awareness and attract interest from current and potential customers, stakeholders and talent.

Customised Facebook, Instagram And Linkedin Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Marketing

Fun fact:

There are 60 million active business pages on Facebook

We offer organic Facebook social media posting along with Facebook marketing services for paid Facebook ads, including setup and management of campaigns.

Instagram Marketing

Fun fact:

Over 95 million photos are uploaded each day!

Build your brand and boost visibility online with Instagram marketing! From hashtags to expertly crafted Instagram grids, we have your Insta posting covered.

LinkedIn Marketing

Fun fact:

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network

Reach prospective talent, engage with stakeholders and keep professionals in the loop with our dedicated LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Expertly Crafted Social Media Campaigns On the Right Channels

Your social channels play an integral role in the customer journey, with each channel requiring content native to its platform. Each social platform has a different audience and posting mechanisms, but the goal should be the same: growing brand awareness, relevance and reach. Our social media marketing specialists can help establish an engaging, valuable and targeted online presence with a tailored social media strategy to understand your brand and business objectives, identify your target audience and develop relevant, exciting content.

Start Your Social Media Marketing Journey Today!

Explore our range of paid social advertising and organic social media marketing packages or contact the social media specialists at 80/20 Digital today to find out how our dedicated social media marketing services can transform your business. Learn more about the process below.

How We Build A Top-Notch Social Media Strategy For Your Business

1. Social Media Audit

Before we begin creating a social media strategy, we conduct a thorough social media audit. This is where we assess the content you currently have on your social media profiles and take a deep dive into your business goals. This will help us gain a better understanding of what you’d like to achieve with social media marketing and get a clear direction for how to proceed.

2. Set-Up

If you haven’t yet set up a business profile on social media or they’re incomplete, our social media specialists can set up your social media profiles and get them in tip-top shape.

3. Planning

Depending on your business goals and operations, we’ll tailor a plan that includes content relevant to your audience. From SEO-friendly blogs and video content to competitions, interactive stories and beautifully designed graphics, you can rest assured your social media profiles will have quality content that is aesthetically exciting with targeted copywriting.

4. Scheduling Post

You may have heard the phrase ‘timing is everything’ and this certainly applies to social media marketing. We create a schedule that aligns with your users to ensure you get maximum engagement on your social media posts. By selecting the right days, intervals and times we can make sure you don’t miss out on valuable impressions, likes, comments, clicks and shares.

5. Monitoring

We track opportunities, mentions and conversations to monitor the reputation of your business, find out how people perceive your brand and see how we can leverage your social media marketing to maximise results.

What Our Clients Say

Melbourne's Trusted Social Media Specialists

Our digital marketing agency specialises in helping business owners from service-based businesses to achieve their marketing goals. We do this through high-performance lead generation websites, best practice SEO, high-quality content marketing, social media and Google Ads Pay Per Click advertising. Ready to take your lead generation to the next level? Enquire now. Success is just a phone call away.

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Our Social Media Marketing Process


We do a deep dive into your existing socials, set up or reconfigure and get your profiles to make sure everything is clean and up-to-date. From contact details and logos to business manager setup.


Our team works to create an engaging social media schedule with content that will resonate with your target audience to strengthen your brand for maximum engagement.


We track and evaluate your social media analytics and create detailed reporting to leverage data to continually improve your campaigns and ensure your social media posts reach the right audience.

Book Your Free Strategy Session With A Social Media Expert Today

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    Small To Medium Businesses We’ve Worked With

    Data-Fuelled Social Media That Drives Results

    Meet Our Superstar Social Media Team

    With 80/20 Digital’s team of savvy social media specialists, your business will come to life on any social media feed. 

    Gretel Phillips
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Hayley Tantau
    Copywriter & Social Media
    Abbey Faulkner
    Content & SEO Specialist

    Questions We Get Asked A Lot

    Do I need to spend money on social media marketing?

    If you hire a social media marketing agency, you will have a service fee, no matter whether you choose to do organic social media marketing or paid social media advertising. However, the difference is that organic social media marketing doesn’t require you to pay the platform to post, whereas paid social ads mean you are running a paid advertising campaign across either Meta or LinkedIn. Therefore, there will be a budget that you set and pay to the platform in conjunction with our agency fees. We can advise on which option may be most suitable for you.

    Our Melbourne social media marketing agency can help create and maintain an online presence and build brand awareness through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We handle everything from start to finish so all you need to do is provide some visual assets and review the schedule. No more wasting time trying to research, plan and post yourself! A social media marketing agency makes social media marketing far more time-efficient and guarantees much better results. It’s an investment worth making!

    The social media platforms you should post on will depend on the nature of your business, but at a minimum, we always recommend Facebook marketing and LinkedIn marketing. We can tailored platforms according to your needs and the package you select.

    Neither one is better than the other; paid social ads and organic social media have different mechanisms. Every business should have an organic social media strategy in place to maintain an online presence and build brand awareness; it’s a non-negotiable in today’s digital world. Meanwhile, paid social ads are a great way to drive more traffic to your page and generate leads if you’ve got the extra budget.

    Depending on your specific goals with social media, we can track social media analytics to monitor and measure the success of a campaign. This could be everything from likes, shares and comments to clicks, reach and average time spent.

    At 80/20 Digital, our social media specialists know that the best way to build your brand is by understanding who your customers are, what they want, how they interact and where they are based. As a leading social media marketing agency in Melbourne, our team of experts stay on top of all the latest trends and developments in the social media space, so you don’t have to. We plan your content, schedule your posts and monitor your campaigns which means more time focusing on what you do best: growing your business.

    To start your social media campaign, you’ll need to have the necessary social media profiles setup and some visual assets accessible. This could be photos from a company photoshoot, marketing collateral like brochures, videos, or any relevant resources you’d like to share on social media. You’ll also need to be prepared to review a monthly social schedule that we create and strive to respond to any comments or enquiries you receive via social media, as we are not responsible for community management.

    Digital Marketing Case Studies

    For over a decade, we have worked with small to medium businesses throughout Australia, and indeed, further afield in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Our lead generation experts have helped our clients generate millions of dollars in revenue and achieve their business goals. We specialise in helping service-based businesses typically based in professional services, health and the commercial and industrial space. Check out some of the work we have done by scrolling through the digital marketing case studies on the right.

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