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Content Marketing Strategy

SEO Copywriting Agency

Unlock sales and gain top search engine rankings with powerful, persuasive SEO copy.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is both the art and science of gaining top search engine rankings while persuading customers to buy from you though the power of carefully targeted words. An SEO company can help you with search engine rankings, a good copy writer can engage customers with a persuasive script. But writing copy for both ranking appeal on search engines and human appeal to convince customers to buy from you is truly the domain of the SEO copywriter.

Written to rank on search engines, tailored to convert customers

The key to top searching rankings lies in the content of your website. Simply put, search engines can’t read images, they can only read text – it is the words on your website that dictate how you rank on search engines. The key to unlocking sales conversion lies in the ability of your copy to present value and persuade customers to act.

Effective Copyrighting

Getting the balance right between Google’s technical demands for top search engine rankings and writing natural, persuasive copy that sells is essential to your website’s success. That’s where 80/20 Digital can help.

Strategic copywriting services

Copywriting is a serious business – the quality of your SEO copy not only determines how you rank on search engines, it also dictates whether customers will pick up the phone and contact your business. For some people (like us!) copywriting is a lot of fun but for most time-poor business owners, it can be a real chore. Simply finding the head space to write powerful, inspiring copy derived from strategic goal planning is often quite overwhelming. In fact, even defining the strategic goals in the first place can be difficult for some business owners.

At 80/20 Internet Marketing, we’ve had years of developing strategic goals, defining value propositions and aligning tailored copy to ensure customers act, buy, call or enquire straight off the page. Here’s what we can help you with and why it’s important:

Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Develop a winning sales proposition that customers just can’t resist.

Bring out the value. Define what makes your offering unique and why customers will buy from you.

Achieve your business objectives with a comprehensive business analysis Content Strategy provided by our highly qualified copywriters and analysts.

Personify, appeal, educate, convince and inspire. Develop a ‘voice’, appeal to the emotions, educate your audience, convince with the facts and inspire customers to action. A simple formula that always works.

Get them while they’re hot. Spur customers into immediate action to call, sign-up, download or enquire.

Sell more, save more! Sell more with strong, persuasive, value-driven calls to action and spend less by increasing quality scores with highly relevant ad copy.

The science behind the art

The best way to make Google’s algorithm fall in love with your website and rank high above your competitors is to create fresh, unique content with natural, free-flowing copy. However, there is something of a science behind the art of SEO copywriting and many techniques that can give your website a serious competitive edge for ranking on search engines without losing its appeal to the human eye. 80/20 Internet Marketing utilises advanced SEO copywriting techniques including:

  • Semantic Indexing – a technique that can improve site rankings with relevant, related search terms
  • Keyword Density – optimising for how often a keyphrase appears on a page/site
  • Keyword Prominence – optimising your targeted keyphrase to be picked up early in the spider’s crawl
  • Keyword Proximity – optimising how close together targeted keyphrases appear on a page

At 80/20 Digital, we understand exactly how to write top class SEO copy that ranks and sells. Call now and find out how we can help you to unlock sales and gain top search engine rankings.


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