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Drive traffic and conversion from the top of Page 1 on Google directly to your bottom line.

Want more traffic and sales? Who doesn’t, right? The only place to start is with your on-page SEO strategy. That means researching and implementing the highest converting, most profitable keyphrases for your business in a user-friendly manner that will have your phone ringing and inbox flooded with enquiries.  

The cornerstone for all successful SEO strategies, successfully acquiring links to your website through best-practice, Google-recommended methodology requires significant expertise and experience. Call us now. You’re in safe-hands.  

Rank higher, load faster! We’ll fine-tune your website with Grade “A” loading speeds and ensure your website is ticking all the right boxes for best practice compliance. It’s no different from your car – regular maintenance is essential to make your site run smoothly. Call us now.  

What is 80/20 SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the process of improving the relevancy of your website content, structure and backlinks to rank above your competitors on search engines for key search terms. 80/20 SEO is our process of auditing, researching and optimising the most profitable 20% of targeted keyphrases that will produce 80% of your bottom line results. 80/20 SEO is profit-focussed, more effective and more efficient than counterparts in the market. It has been derived from rigorous, proprietary methodology based on sound commercial acumen that comes with years of consulting experience.
components of SEO used by our Melbourne-based SEO Consultant

Drive traffic and convert sales from the top of page 1 on Google

SEO is the cornerstone of every successful internet marketing strategy. Research shows that over 85% of websites are found through search engines and that ranking on position 1 can receive up to 14 times more clicks than position 10 on the first page! With ever increasing competition for the coveted top positions on the first page of Google, it is essential that businesses pursue an active optimisation programme or stand to lose out in the long term. 80/20 SEO provides winning solutions in the race against competitors to get ahead and stay ahead while delivering excellent bottom line results.

Why are we different?

First of all, we approach SEO as marketers, not technologists. That’s because SEO is first and foremost a marketing skill. Sure, there’s technology involved but it’s not rocket science, and we’ll break SEO down for you in easily comprehensible language. At 80/20 Digital, we know exactly how to rank your website at the top of the organic listings on Google for your most profitable keyphrases. We don’t waste your time, effort or money ranking for ineffective keyphrases that will make absolutely no difference to your bottom line. The 80/20 ethos focuses on SEO effectiveness to reach more customers and convert more sales while increasing profit by removing inefficiency from your marketing spend.

Our approach

80/20 SEO begins with listening to you and understanding exactly how your business works and what your short, medium and long term goals are. We then align digital marketing strategies to your goals, providing you with a clear, easily comprehensible roadmap and precise, measurable targets to ensure success in your local market. SEO is an industry full of yawn-worthy jargon, but don’t worry, we’ll spare you the techno-babble and explain everything to you in plain English. Here’s what you can expect when you engage 80/20 SEO:

Sample Google analytics dashboard used by our SEO Consultants at 80/20 Digital

80/20 SEO - 5 step process and key outcomes

This determines the most profitable growth opportunities in your market. It involves target audience evaluation, market growth determination, competitor analysis, competitive advantage analysis, marketing and communications strategy assessment, and value proposition realignment, 

This identifies key optimisation issues for your website. Steps include content analysiscopy and design analysis, conversion path analysiswebsite architecture and link structure assessmentmeta tag optimisationbacklink analysisWebmaster Tools and Analytics reviews.

In this step, we evaluate competitor’s on-page and off-page optimisation and establish key benchmarks for SEO strategy implementation. We will provide you search rankings and competitors’ main keyphrase rankings report, competitor backlink analysis, domain age comparison, meta tag analysis, URL analysis, as well as competitor PPC campaign analysis.

This step provides detail of recommended SEO keyphrases, tracking and reporting. This includes 10, 25, 50 and custom keyphraase packages. We will also proceed with conversion tracking implementation with specific timelines, goals and benchmarks. Whether it’s phone calls, downloads, online sales, email enquiries or something else, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

We will provide you with detailed monthly and quarterly ranking improvement updates, as well as reports about milestone achievements. Included in these reports are strategy recap, keyphrase ranking improvements on Google/Yahoo/Bing, competitor benchmarking, traffic analysis, conversion analysis (sales, sign-ups, downloads, etc.), milestone assessment, and overall profitability analysis.


Choosing to win in your local market begins with a simple phone call.

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