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Pay Per Click Management

Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency

Choose 80/20 PPC - a more effective, more efficient approach to managing Google Ads

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Uncover the 20% of keyphrases that drives 80% of enquiries!

How profitable are your Pay Per Click Google Ads? If it hasn’t dramatically increased sales and reduced your total advertising expenditure, then STOP WASTING MONEY and get some advice from 80/20 Digital now on how to drive highly qualified, highly measurable traffic to your website that will reach customers, convert sales and boost your bottom line.

What is Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising has literally revolutionised the way SME’s advertise in Australia. With search marketing continuing to grow faster than any other advertising medium, Google Ads PPC has become a vital component of the online marketing mix to target local or national customers. Ads are triggered based on groups of pre-selected keyphrases, geographic coverage and tailored ad copy. You only pay when users click on your ad and visit your website. PPC is advertising in real time – it’s highly targeted, flexible and measurable to the last cent. It’s quick to set up too – your ad can be at the top of page 1 of Google within 24 hours. Managed correctly, it will get immediate results.

Google ads pay per click consultant melbourne

With traditional printed media struggling to retain usage and an audience, Australian businesses have quickly adopted this dynamic new medium to attract customers and drive sales. Yet despite its highly targeted nature and performance-based appeal, Pay Per Click is still very poorly understood in Australia and many SME operators have failed to enjoy the real benefits of PPC. With over 14 years experience as a Google Ads Consultant in Melbourne, that’s where we can help.

Double or even triple your returns with Melbourne's leading PPC agency

Everyone is familiar with the 80/20 Principle – that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers and 80% of profits come from 20% of sales. This tried, tested and proven business principle applies equally to Pay Per Click advertising: 20% of keyphrases will result in 80% of your enquiries. Understanding how to utilise this very simple principle in your online marketing can double or even triple your returns from PPC. Using advanced Google Adwords management techniques, we can simply achieve more sales and better returns for less advertising cost. Need a Google Ads Consultant in Melbourne to assist you with e-commerce or lead generation? Ask us for a free consultation to review your Google Ads.

Google ads pay per click consultant melbourne

Our Competitive Edge Over Typical Providers

Persuasive, professionally written SEO ad copy to appeal to search engines, attract visitors, convert sales and achieve high quality scores.

Learn which keyphrases provide the greatest ROI by tracking sales, enquiries, emails and downloads.

Run multiple ads for the same product/service to understand which ad copy converts best.

Achieve higher ad rankings utilising Google’s bid-management optimisation technology.

Convert more sales and achieve higher ad rankings with lower cost per click/cost per acquisition and top quality scores.

Understand how visitors interact with your website; how they enter, which pages they visit, how long they stay and how they convert.

Single point of contact to manage your account; provide insights, pinpoint issues and highlight opportunities.

24/7 access to your own Adwords account to monitor how your money is being spent.

Daily, weekly or monthly reporting sent directly from your Google Adwords account.

6 great reasons to choose 80/20 PPC

services-analytics-alt-colors-optimized1. Results – Our singular focus from day one is to increase your bottom line. We focus on greater advertising effectiveness by channeling more budget into those 20% of keyphrases that DO work and minimising inefficiency by removing the 80% of keyphrases that DON’T. Simply put, we focus on achieving more with less. Effectiveness + efficiency = Results.

2. Strategy – Our 80/20 approach begins with a marketing audit to identify which 20% of your products or services will provide 80% of your profits. Using proprietary keyphrase research and campaign development methodology, we then devise winning local or national PPC strategies to get you results FAST.

3. Exclusivity – Our ethos is always to create highly successful, long-term partnerships built on the highest standards of trust, transparency and professionalism. We choose to work only with a select number of clients, so we can provide first class strategic PPC solutions that drive maximum ROI.

4. Expertise – In previous roles, our team has literally helped thousands of companies to grow their business through successful PPC advertising on both a national and local basis (learn more). There is simply no substitute for experience when you need visible results.

5. Best practise – at 80/20 Digital, we use only best practise solutions for successful PPC. That means tailored landing pages, remarketing strategies to target previous website visitors, persuasive ad copy and tight ad groups to drive maximum quality scores and optimal ROI. We also run conversion tracking to ensure that every cent of your ad campaign is being spent effectively and efficiently. Our integrated solutions mean your PPC strategy can be run as a standalone or tailored to compliment your SEO and social media – whichever suits the needs of your business best.

6. Reporting – our reporting is taken directly from Google Ad Words PPC and Google Analytics, and emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You retain your log-in and passwords for 24/7 monitoring and we will help you to understand the wealth of information available to you including how your money is being spent and why.

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Choosing to win in your local market begins with a simple phone call.

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