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Results-Driven Marketing

Results-Driven Marketing

Melbourne’s Leading

Local SEO Services

Reach local consumers, increase sales and make it to the top of the page on Google with strategic Local SEO

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Boost Your Visibility On Google With Local SEO

Need to reach customers in your local market? Speak to the local SEO experts at 80/20 Digital and find out how you how you can reach customers and convert sales from your local target market.

Targeted, Effective, Local SEO Services For SMEs

Local SEO is a science that’s constantly evolving. While we might not wear lab coats and goggles, we are one of the best local SEO scientists in the business. Our local SEO services have helped boost the bottom line of SME’s around Australia through Google’s local search for over a decade.

We utilise industry-leading SEO technology and tools to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and keep our clients in the local rankings. Through our relevant, flexible, data-driven and ROI-focused local SEO services, you can feel confident your business is performing its best online.

There are a whole host of important metrics for local SEO success, but you don’t want an agency that takes shortcuts like spam, black hat SEO or hidden tactics. Our team is a well-oiled local SEO machine. We always follow best practices, provide absolute transparency and accountability at every stage of the process, and offer strategic, highly personalised advice for your local SEO. Call now!

Get Into Google's Local Search With Google Business Profile

Our approach to local search marketing means you can make it into Google’s local pack; these are the 3 results that appear beneath the map when you search on Google. This listing can give you a competitive edge and help you get the most relevant traffic to your site by placing you at the forefront of Google’s organic search results.

A crucial element to get right for your Google local SEO is having your Google Business Profile set up correctly. This allows Google to support and verify your content more easily. If Google can verify your business as authentic, then you may potentially have your business make it into the coveted sidebar space in Google local search. This improves the experience for customers as they see your business reviews, operating hours, contact details and location.

With the help of our local SEO experts, you’ll improve your online visibility, gain more valuable Google reviews, increase your location citations and rank in the Google local pack across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Why Reviews Are Important For Local SEO

Reviews are not only critical to establishing trust with consumers but also a sure-fire way to increase your local rankings. Strive for real 5-star reviews from real customers to boost your brand authority and position your business as an industry leader. 

Just remember, Reviews, Reviews and More Reviews! Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for them, especially when you feel you have provided excellent customer service.

Begin Your Local SEO Journey With 80/20 Digital

Our local SEO agency offers businesses a tailored local SEO search strategy that targets your local market and leverages your business organically. With over 20 years of combined local SEO expertise, our local SEO specialists make your digital marketing spend more localised, tactical, measurable and accountable.

Improve Online Visibility and Local Reach

Elevate your business’s online presence within your local community through our tailored Local SEO strategies, ensuring your brand is easily discoverable and accessible to potential customers in your area.

Add Value to PPC Campaigns

Unleash the power of synergy by combining Local SEO with your PPC campaigns. Maximise results and ROI as we seamlessly integrate strategies, driving targeted traffic and amplifying your online impact.

Increase Quality Traffic

Beyond just numbers, our Local SEO efforts are geared towards attracting quality traffic—potential customers genuinely interested in your products or services. Watch as your website receives visits that convert into valuable leads and sales.

Showcase Your Reviews

Showcase the positive experiences of your satisfied customers. Our Local SEO expertise includes optimising your review profiles, fostering trust, and making a lasting impression on potential clients researching your business online.

Elevate customer experience

We go beyond rankings; our approach focuses on delivering an exceptional customer experience. From seamless online interactions to intuitive navigation, our Local SEO strategies contribute to an overall positive impression, fostering customer loyalty.

Fortify Digital Marketing Strategy And Enhance Your SEO And PPC

Our digital marketing strategies aren’t isolated; they work in harmony to fortify your overall digital presence. By integrating Local SEO into your broader strategy, we enhance your SEO and PPC initiatives, creating a robust and cohesive digital marketing plan for maximum impact.

Why Implement A Local SEO Strategy?

Our local SEO services increase the visibility of your business by pushing your website to the top of Google’s local search rankings.  As a local business, having geographically-relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted local rankings means you’re more likely to reach your desired demographic and make more conversions.

Unlike PPC, local SEO is entirely organic, which means you essentially have to earn the position with excellent linking, relevant content and top-notch technical SEO, as opposed to just setting up a Google ad and paying for top spot, making it a cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

What Our Clients Say

Melbourne's Trusted Local SEO Specialists

Our digital marketing agency specialises in helping business owners from service-based businesses to achieve their marketing goals. We do this through high-performance lead generation websites, best practice SEO, high-quality content marketing, social media and Google Ads Pay Per Click advertising. Ready to take your lead generation to the next level? Enquire now. Success is just a phone call away.

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Colm MacGowan

Owner & Founder

    Small To Medium Businesses We’ve Worked With

    Local SEO That Drives Results

    Local SEO FAQs

    How does local SEO benefit small businesses and local visibility?

    Local SEO is crucial for small businesses as it enhances visibility in local searches, making it easier for nearby customers to find your services. At 80/20 Digital, our local SEO strategies include optimising your Google My Business listing, obtaining local citations, and tailoring content to localised keywords. Choose 80/20 Digital to seamlessly connect with your local audience, drive foot traffic, and establish a prominent online presence within your community.

    Content is a key factor in local SEO, influencing search engine rankings and engaging your audience. 80/20 Digital excels in content optimisation for local SEO by conducting in-depth keyword research, creating relevant content, and ensuring on-page SEO practices. Choose 80/20 Digital for local SEO services that leverage the power of well-crafted content, driving organic traffic and enhancing audience engagement.

    Ranking in the local pack is essential for local visibility. At 80/20 Digital, we implement a multifaceted approach, optimising your Google My Business profile, acquiring positive local citations, and ensuring consistency across online platforms. Our strategies enhance your chances of appearing in the local pack, driving more visibility and traffic to your business. Choose 80/20 Digital for a comprehensive local SEO solution that propels your business to the forefront of local search results.

    Online reviews play a pivotal role in local SEO, influencing consumer trust and search engine rankings. 80/20 Digital understands the significance of positive reviews and implements strategies to encourage customer feedback. By managing and responding to reviews, we enhance your online reputation and boost your local SEO efforts. Choose 80/20 Digital for a proactive approach to online reviews, improving your local search presence and building credibility within your community.

    Google My Business (GMB) is a cornerstone of local SEO, providing a robust platform to showcase your business information. 80/20 Digital emphasises the importance of an optimised GMB profile, ensuring accurate business details, compelling images, and regular updates. By leveraging GMB features, we enhance your visibility in local searches and the coveted local pack. Choose 80/20 Digital for expert management of your Google My Business presence, driving local engagement and solidifying your position in the local market.

    Digital Marketing Case Studies

    For over a decade, we have worked with small to medium businesses throughout Australia, and indeed, further afield in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Our lead generation experts have helped our clients generate millions of dollars in revenue and achieve their business goals. We specialise in helping service-based businesses typically based in professional services, health and the commercial and industrial space. Check out some of the work we have done by scrolling through the digital marketing case studies on the right.

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    Take Your Business To The Next Level With Local SEO