Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Copywriters?

It’s an important question – could AI be used to generate highly targeted website copy to rank on search engines and save business owners time and money hiring a human copywriter?   The short answer is no. Not now, not ever. OK, so let’s not rule out ever. Dystopian sci-fi fans will be quick to point […]

If You Dream It, You Can Do It: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Gretel & Abbey

  At 80/20 Digital, providing equal opportunities for all employees and challenging everyone to be the best they can be is at the core of our business ethos. In celebration of International Women’s Day, 80/20’s Digital’s leading ladies, Gretel and Abbey, share their workplace experiences through the female lens and give their top tips on […]

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This website achieves Google rankings in 04 months: Ranks #1- #3 for keyword "Opertray Division".

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KPI Consulting are management, collections and call centre consultants dedicated to helping organisations optimise their team performance in sales, customer service and collections.