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Google Ads Advertiser Verification: How to Get Verified

Google Ads Advertiser Verification

Google has introduced a new initiative to help stamp out advertiser spam: every advertiser using Google Ads will now have to get verified. Click here to read more about the new Advertiser Verification policy.

According to Google’s own advertising dashboard, advertiser verification is designed to give people everywhere more transparency, choice and control.

While this may seem somewhat unnecessary for existing advertisers, we can understand that Google wants to protect its own brand by creating a safe and trustworthy ad ecosystem.

Complete Verification Within 30 days

Advertiser verification will need to be completed within 30 days. Be aware that Google is not giving advertisers a choice with this:

Completing the Verification Process

In your Google Ads Dashboard, go to Tools & Settings. The click Advertiser Verification In the bottom right-hand corner of the Billing column.

You will now see the Start Verification button in the bottom right. Click this to begin.

What To Expect

In the first step of the Advertiser verification program, Google will ask advertisers a few basic questions related to their Google Ads account and business under a new ‘About your business’ section.

The questions will ask, for example, the advertiser’s industry and billing country, and information to help Google understand if they are a direct or indirect provider (third party) of the products or services advertised on the Google Ads platform. Advertisers will be given 30 days to submit their answers. If advertisers have not submitted their answers by the end of the 30th day, their account will be paused.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will see a verification notice with two green ticks:

Need assistance with your advertiser verification? Our Google Ads PPC specialists can guide you through the process and answer any questions. Get in touch with us today on 03 9042 0714 or explore our PPC packages.

Gretel Phillips is 80/20 Digital’s Account Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist and is committed to delivering top-notch results for our clients. From optimising PPC and social media ad campaigns to managing client communications, she’s the expert. Get in touch with Gretel now for a free consultation.


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