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Content Marketing Consultant Melbourne

Attract, engage and convert - effective content marketing strategies to drive sales and build affinity with your brand.

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Attract, engage and convert: three simple content marketing steps to turn browsers into buyers. It sounds simple – and it is – if you know how. At 80/20 Digital, we’ve had years of years of creating effective, purposeful content that engages audiences, ranks on search engines, builds brand affinity, shares on social media and paves the way for faster sales conversion.

Our approach

Content Marketing - Our Approach1. Set Goals – the first thing we do is listen. We understand exactly what you want to achieve and by when. Every content marketing plan is tailored, agreed on, and time-bound with clearly defined metrics for success.

2. Analyse Competitors – understand what your competition has done and then beat them at their own game by creating content that reads better, ranks better, shares better and converts better. We can show you how.

3. Define Audiences – this is the key to your strategy. We’ll segment your market and define your demographics, creating  archetypal ‘personas’ that represent the different customer types in your target audience. Then we’ll define the content pillars (or themes) that the strategy will be based on using a series of blogs, infographics, images, web content or videos, each piece of content building loyalty for your brand and paving the way for sales conversion.

4. Cut Clutter – if you’ve got a lot of content already, we’ll review it and show you what’s really working and what isn’t. We keep what works, and improve or remove what doesn’t. Every piece of content must count.

5. Amplify Content – when content marketing works, it really works. The key to even greater success is to take the highest performing content and amplify it across your marketing channels like social media, blogs, e-DM’s and search engine rankings. We adapt great content to every channel.

Get your content marketing right and it will flood you website with visits, enquiries and sales. Ask us how.

The importance of SEO copywriting in social media

We are experts at researching, writing, targeting and amplifying content that will deliver results. Whether it’s engagement, traffic, awareness, audience growth or sales, we can tailor a content strategy for any business. We’ve had years of experience working with the SME market to achieve excellent results. Call us today.

Devised, researched and written to engage users on social media while obtaining top search engine rankings, blog writing is the cornerstone of any successful content marketing strategy. Content Marketing Following our ‘ever found, ever shared’ philosophy, our blog content is optimised to outrank and outperform anything your competition has done. We set the tone by identifying a voice and style that will resonate with the target audience and write informative blogs in a variety of styles to solve problems and promote your brand. Not only will our ghost-written blog content position you as an industry expert, it will also attract invaluable, free, organic, editorially-given links from webmasters across the web – the type of links Google wants you to attract – and you’ll be rewarded with top SEO rankings on search engines that will attract, engage and convert visitors ongoing from the top of page 1.

Social media is critical for communicating with your audience. If you don’t have a social media marketing plan, you’re missing out on an essential communication channel to promote your brand, engage your audience and convert sales. Our social media content  comes in a variety of styles depending on your brand ranging from entertaining, informative, serious, funny, provocative or empathic. The most important bit however is that it is shareable. At 80/20 Digital, we only create content with a purpose. Amplified media (paying to promote your content through boosting posts or paid advertising campaigns) is a huge part of what we do – ask us about drilling down on demographics to grow Facebook Likes, shares, engagement, downloads, enquiries and sales. 

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video must tell a million. As TV audience migrate to the web, video marketing represents a massive opportunity for brands to engage with their audience directly and in a much more cost-effective manner than traditional above the line media. Advertise on YouTube, demo a product, meet the team, explain how – all are hugely useful video marketing opportunities and an essential part of content marketing. Ask us about video marketing for your business. 

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