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Results-Driven Marketing

Results-Driven Marketing

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“Our mission is to change the way digital marketing is experienced by small-medium business in Australia.” 

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How We Do It And What Our Clients Love

Want REAL digital marketing results? 80/20 Digital can help take your business to the next level. But don't take our word for it, read about our client success stories and listen to what our clients say about working with us.


Our collaboration with Showfront has been ongoing since 2010 and culminated in a Platinum Award for SEO at the the international 2024 AVA Digital Awards. This campaign also won 2 Silvers at the international NYX Digital Marketing Awards. With over 1,000 page one rankings and 400 top 3 rankings for competitive keyphrases of significant commercial intent, our digital marketing agency’s partnership with Showfront has yielded remarkable results. Blending e-commerce with lead generation from Google Ads, social media, email marketing and SEO, our marketing strategy has helped Showfront achieve YOY growth of 25-35% from website enquiries.

Betta Fire Protection

A 40-year-old brand, renowned for its ethical approach and outstanding service, sought to revitalise its sales by modernising its outdated branding and website. While maintaining an excellent track record, the company recognised the necessity for improved marketing and a lead generation program. While a basic Google Ads campaign was in place, the absence of any SEO strategy was evident. With a strategic focus on rejuvenating its online presence, 80/20 Digital aimed to unlock new growth opportunities through digital marketing. Following several years of record breaking success, this campaign was a 3 time Gold winner at both the international 2024 AVA Digital Marketing Awards and NYX 2024 Awards with a demonstrated ROI of 1,800%. 

Davidson Property Advocates

Following thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, our strategy involved building targeted, SEO-optimised landing pages in key Melbourne suburbs for increased online visibility and sales conversion. Additionally, we optimised Google Maps rankings and implemented a scalable campaign that combined content marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and Google Ads Pay Per Click Search & Display campaigns to maximise ROI. This was a comprehensive and robust lead generation solution that helped propel Davidson Property Advocates’ business growth to annual ROI of 547%. The campaign was recognised for Excellence in ROI, SEM and Digital Marketing. winning 3 Gold Awards at the 2024 international NYX Digital Marketing Awards.

PCR Accounting & Advisory

When our client, Peter Marmara-Stewart, purchased a 40-year-old accounting company, he reached out to the experts at 80/20 Digital for help. We overhauled the outdated branding and website to address lead generation challenges. Our approach included developing compelling value propositions, optimising the site for top search engine rankings, and implementing strong calls to action. Embracing E-E-A-T principles, we created SEO-optimised content, blogs, email marketing and organic social media content. The result was a transformed brand with a measurable lead generation program, aligning with the client’s goals. This client doubled the size of their business within 2 years with ROI running to over 844%. This campaign was also a two time Gold winner for Excellence in ROI and Digital Marketing at the international 2024 NYX Digital Marketing Awards.

Gladwin Legal

Gladwin Legal engaged 80/20 Digital to achieve three pivotal goals: the creation of a fresh logo and brand identity, a complete overhaul of their website, and the establishment of a powerful lead generation campaign combining SEO and Google Ads PPC. This comprehensive lead generation strategy not only revitalised Gladwin Legal’s brand aesthetically but also cemented their position as the go-to law firm for retailers. In Rosalyn Gladwin’s own words, “growth has simply been astronomical” with annual ROI running to hundreds of percent each year.

Join the Success

Luke Fuller from Ace Sport’s Clinic has worked with some of the world’s most elite sporting athletes and knows all about the effort that goes in to reaching number 1. With the help of 80/20 Digital, Luke’s businesses in Australia and Canada have been finding online success, outpacing larger competitors in their market.

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As a leading SEO agency in Melbourne, we help uncover the most profitable 20% of targeted keyphrases that will produce 80% of your bottom-line results. 80/20 Digital’s SEO experts take a profit-focused, more effective and more efficient approach than other SEO agencies in the market so you can drive traffic and maximise conversions on your website.

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