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News, insights and advice from the SEO experts

Discover 80/20 Digital's 6 tips to start generating leads.

6 Tips To Start Generating Leads

Competition in the digital space has never been greater; from podcasts, videos and blogs to social media, SEO strategies and email marketing, brands are doing whatever it takes to generate leads. It can be incredibly overwhelming to know where to start, so we thought we’d help out by sharing our best tips to start generating leads that boost your bottom

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80/20 discuss the importance of a mobile-friendly website.

Does a Mobile-Friendly Website Matter?

So your website performs well on desktop, but how about mobile? If you’re wondering whether mobile friendliness matters for websites, the answer is 100% YES. If your website doesn’t look good or work properly when viewed from a mobile, then you’re doing your business a massive disservice because you’re most likely losing valuable enquires because of poor user experience (UX)

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Organic Search 101: Understanding Search Intent

Look, we get it; organic search sounds like something you’d find at a health food store or farmer’s market, but we’re here to help stop the confusion. What is Organic Search? Put simply, organic search refers to any enquires you get from a search engine that you don’t pay for. Organic search is one of the most effective channels to

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The Benefits of SEO Blogging

No content or SEO strategy is complete without a blog. ‘Why?’ you ask. Because SEO blogging is a powerful, multi-purpose digital marketing tool that every modern business with a website needs. Think about it as ‘The Swiss Army Knife’ of digital marketing.

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Breadcrumbs in Web Design: Why They’re Important for UX & SEO

As the famous fairytale goes, Hansel and Gretel left a trail of breadcrumbs behind them as they ventured into the woods so they could find their way out again. While breadcrumbs probably weren’t the best choice, it was a smart tactic. A tactic that is used for the exact same reasons on a well optimised website: to find where you are

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Cracking Down on Fake Google Reviews

Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business (GMB), is a small business’s best friend when it comes to boosting Local SEO performance. Why? 2 words: Google reviews.  Google reviews are a critical component of any well-established business and local SEO strategy, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it. More and more, we are

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5 Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid at All Costs

There’s no denying that ranking on search engines is a highly competitive – and lucrative – landscape. Some studies estimate the click through rate for the top organic spot on Google to be 28.5%.  Other studies maintain this figure is closer to 40%. Securing top search engine rankings is a game changer and small to medium business owners are willing

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Dot Au: The Low Down on Australian Domain Names

Having a high-performance website in the digital era is essentially non-negotiable. But it can be challenging to wrap your head around the ins and outs of building, maintaining and hosting a website. That’s where we come in. As digital marketing experts specialising in SEO and web development, we know what you need (and don’t need) to ensure your website performs well, loads fast,

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Is Buying Backlinks SEO Best Practice?

Paid link building strategies are something that has been happening in the industry for decades, though it’s kept pretty hush hush. But why? Well, buying or selling links is a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and may result in a penalty if you’re caught. A reputable SEO specialist should outright condemn paid link building but unfortunately, for many, it continues.  What

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