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The 80/20 Blog

News, insights and advice from the content marketing experts.

80/20 Share Why You Need to Start Content Marketing ASAP

Why You Need to Start Content Marketing ASAP

Content has become quite the buzz term of late, making it all the more confusing for digital marketing novices. So, in the spirit of creating good content, we’re here to shed some light on where to begin and why you need to start content marketing ASAP. Content marketing is designed to strengthen your brand by answering customer queries, stimulating interest,

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Discover 80/20 Digital's 6 tips to start generating leads.

6 Tips To Start Generating Leads

Competition in the digital space has never been greater; from podcasts, videos and blogs to social media, SEO strategies and email marketing, brands are doing whatever it takes to generate leads. It can be incredibly overwhelming to know where to start, so we thought we’d help out by sharing our best tips to start generating leads that boost your bottom

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The Benefits of SEO Blogging

No content or SEO strategy is complete without a blog. ‘Why?’ you ask. Because SEO blogging is a powerful, multi-purpose digital marketing tool that every modern business with a website needs. Think about it as ‘The Swiss Army Knife’ of digital marketing.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Copywriters?

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Copywriters?

It’s an important question – could AI be used to generate highly targeted website copy to rank on search engines and save business owners time and money hiring a human copywriter? The short answer is no. Not now, not ever. OK, so let’s not rule out ever. Ever is a long time. Dystopian sci-fi fans will be quick to point

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