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Dot Au: The Low Down on Australian Domain Names

Having a high-performance website in the digital era is essentially non-negotiable. But it can be challenging to wrap your head around the ins…
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Is Buying Backlinks SEO Best Practice?

Paid link building strategies are something that has been happening in the industry for decades, though it’s kept pretty hush hush. But why?…
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What’s the Use of Social Media Hashtags? We Get the #Facts

In this digital age, social media has become a sure-fire way to boost brand awareness, generate leads and acquire new customers.  But social…
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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Copywriters?

It’s an important question – could AI be used to generate highly targeted website copy to rank on search engines and save business…
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If You Dream It, You Can Do It: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Gretel & Abbey

  At 80/20 Digital, providing equal opportunities for all employees and challenging everyone to be the best they can be is at the…
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