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Results-Driven Marketing

Results-Driven Marketing

The 80/20 Blog

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6 Reasons Quality Content is King

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital search, one thing remains constant: CONTENT IS KING. But not just any content…QUALITY content. Recent confirmation from Google has

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80/20 Digital share the key to master 301 redirects.

Mastering 301 Redirects

In the ever-evolving world of websites, change is the only constant. Whether you’re redesigning your site, rebranding your business, or even just tweaking your page

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The Benefits of SEO Blogging

No content or SEO strategy is complete without a blog. ‘Why?’ you ask. Because SEO blogging is a powerful, multi-purpose digital marketing tool that every modern business with a website needs. Think about it as ‘The Swiss Army Knife’ of digital marketing.

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