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From getting Grammarly to proofread your work to asking ChatGPT anything under the sun, AI copywriting tools have created quite the buzz in the digital marketing industry. According to Mailchimp, 88% of marketers believe they need to increase their use of AI to meet customer expectations and stay competitive. 

The hype for chatbots is like being handed the keys to a high-tech sports car but not knowing how to shift gears; the thrill is there, but without the know-how, it’s not going to get you where you want to go. As AI technology advances, you might wonder why human copywriters are still in high demand. Well, our resident human copywriter is here to break it all down!

AI and Copywriting: A Dynamic Duo, Not a Replacement

No matter how sophisticated AI becomes, the human touch is irreplaceable. AI tools, impressive as they are for speed and data crunching, still lack the creative juice and emotional depth that human copywriters bring to the table. And, in turn, many human copywriters don’t have enough hours in a day to research and collate sufficient data to keep up with the current demand for content. 

So, when humans and AI come together, we achieve a harmonious balance of efficiency and quality.

Copywriters can use AI tools to make the ultimate marketing dream team

Speed and Adaptability: The Perfect Recipe

AI excels at producing content rapidly, keeping your digital presence agile. Think of AI as a sous-chef—it prepares the basic ingredients quickly. However, the human copywriter, like a head chef, truly brings the dish to life. We add unique flavours and a creative touch, ensuring the final content is not just palatable, but tailored and enticing. This blend of AI’s speed with human creativity allows for a more impactful content strategy, keeping your brand relevant and engaging.

Data Mastery Meets Creativity

While AI is adept at analysing vast amounts of data to pinpoint trends and guide content strategy, it lacks the capacity for true creativity. This is where human copywriters shine, bringing a unique creative eye that transforms data-driven content into engaging, brand-specific messaging. By blending AI’s analytical capabilities with human creativity, copywriters craft content that resonates deeply with audiences, maintaining the brand’s essence and appeal. 

Consistent, Yet Customised

AI provides a strong foundation for consistency across various platforms, ensuring your content maintains a uniform voice and style. However, it’s the nuanced understanding and creativity of human copywriters that tailor this content to better connect with specific audiences. By injecting personal touches and considering your audience’s unique preferences and needs, this customisation enhances engagement and builds a stronger, more relatable brand presence.

Maximising Copywriting Skills with AI Chatbots

With 44% of businesses having used AI for content production, AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Claude, and Microsoft Copilot are reshaping how we approach content creation. They’re perfect for boosting creativity and efficiency, helping writers come up with new ideas, quickly draft content, and refine their grammar. By integrating these AI tools, writers can focus on producing more strategic and creatively rich content to meet the high standards of today’s digital content demands.

The Catch with AI Copywriting:


      • Creativity Isn’t Formulaic: AI might piece together patterns, but originality? That’s human territory. While AI can suggest ideas based on existing data, it lacks the ability to innovate or think outside the box—qualities essential for truly compelling and unique content.


        • Personalisation and Context: AI struggles with the nuances that human copywriters navigate with ease, from cultural subtleties to industry-specific contexts and current trends. If you want to have some fun, ask ChatGPT to write something like it’s Gen Z:

      Flawless stuff. No notes.


          • Accuracy and Chatbot ‘Hallucinations’: AI’s content mashups can sometimes miss the mark on accuracy or suffer from being outdated. When summarising facts, ChatGPT technology fabricates details about 3% of the time—so it’s important to fact-check everything it says.

        The Fine Print of Using AI: Plagiarism and Duplicate Content

        While AI tools like ChatGPT can quickly generate content, they do so by pulling from extensive online information, which might lead to unintentional plagiarism or stale, duplicated content (both of which are big no-nos in Google’s eyes). This can mean bad news for rankings and reader engagement, as original content is crucial for SEO and keeping your brand’s voice authentic.

        To ensure content remains fresh and engaging, experienced copywriters treat AI-generated drafts as just the beginning. We spice up these drafts with personal insights that resonate with your audience and customise the voice to match your brand’s style. By verifying facts and applying SEO strategies, the content will be accurate, visible, and impactful.

        Leveraging AI Wisely

        At 80/20 Digital, we view AI as a tool in our toolkit, not the craftsman. Our content writers use AI for inspiration and efficiency—like gathering different ingredients for a recipe and then adding our unique twist. It’s about blending the best of both worlds: AI’s efficiency with human creativity and insight.

        In essence, AI copywriting tools are changing the game, not ending it. They offer a foundation and a starting point. But for content that truly connects, resonates, and converts, it’s the human copywriter, with their knack for storytelling, emotional intelligence, client relationships, and creative flair, who’s irreplaceable. And that’s the recipe for digital marketing success.


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        Cyborg Hayley masters copywriting with AI tools and human creativity.

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