Discover how 80/20 Digital's award-winning strategies at the Vega Awards achieve exceptional results for our clients.

Maybe it’s best to just keep the champagne coming!

At 80/20 Digital, we dedicate our skills, passion, and energy to delivering top-notch results for our clients. This commitment to excellence has really paid off at this year’s Vega Digital Awards, where we’ve scooped up 9 Vega Digital awards! 

To say we’re blown away by these results is an understatement! But of course, none of this would be possible without the trust our wonderful clients place in us, and we feel incredibly lucky to work with such amazing businesses and deliver outcomes that drive their businesses forward and help them achieve more sales and exceptional ROI. In particular, we want to thank Rob at Betta Fire Protection, Tonya at Davidson Property Advocates, Michael at Showfront and Peter at PCR Accounting & Advisory for supporting us in the submissions of these awards and being fervent advocates of our work. We couldn’t do it without you!

About the Vega Digital Awards

The Vega Digital Awards set the benchmark for creative and digital excellence on a global scale. These awards recognise outstanding achievements across diverse digital mediums such as websites, video, mobile, social media, animation, marketing, and podcasts. The Vega Awards celebrate the spirit of innovation, honouring digital content creators who bridge cultural and geographical divides, building a global community.

Celebrating Our Latest Wins

This year’s Vega Digital Awards saw 80/20 Digital take home:

🥇 3 x Gold for Betta Fire Protection: Smashing Growth Targets with Record Revenue

🥈 2 x Silver for PCR Accounting & Advisory: Doubling Business Growth With Integrated Digital Marketing

🥈 2 x Silver for Davidson Property Advocates: Changing the Game with Local Search

🥈 2 x Silver for Showfront: Skyrocketing Annual Revenue by 35%

A Year of Exceptional Achievements

This past year has been nothing short of spectacular for us at 80/20 Digital. Not only did we make a splash at the Vega Digital Awards, but our achievements were also recognised at the AVA Digital Marketing Awards, where we secured three golds for Betta Fire Protection and a prestigious platinum for Showfront’s SEO campaign. At the NYX Awards, we continued our winning streak, garnering accolades that underscore our consistent delivery of outstanding ROI to our clients. That marks 23 awards from 3 different award bodies so far this year!

While the trophies are great, they represent something bigger – our relentless pursuit of marketing excellence and our clients’ trust in us. These awards are not just tokens of recognition; they’re proof of the strategic and creative energy we pour into every campaign, custom-tailored to meet and surpass each client’s distinct challenges and goals.

Shoutout to the 80/20 Digital Team!

The success we’re celebrating is all about our team. A huge thank you to Abbey, Francis, Gretel, Rex, Hayley, and Linton. Your hard work and creativity are what bring these campaigns to life and make these results possible.

As we reflect on our recent successes, we’re already looking ahead. Our team is constantly evolving and is eager to adopt new strategies to propel our clients further. Here’s to pushing boundaries and achieving even more together!

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